Kaavya Capital

Bringing in a social change through impact investments.

Kaavya Capital is an impact investing business that is being built to solve global issues. Their idea is to take an issue in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia and make meaningful investments in policy change to improve their social and economic status, financing for developing women as economic resources, and education to bring about social changes necessary to create wholesale change. The effect in these investments is a return in terms of social change and a return to investors.

Once the women’s empowerment fund will be up and running, similar scale projects will be taken up based on market interest, personal interest, and fund availability. The point is to take on important issues that aren’t being tackled effectively, or being tackled in a manner that too small to make a big difference.

The inspiration for the logo was taken from a “Boomerang”. Just like the boomerang the company believes its returns would be in terms of social change and an indirect return to its investors. The gradient colour was used as a metaphor to showcase the growth and change in every individual it touches.


Making things simple but clever.

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